[Nobita] Sendy.co Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe)

Unmaintained [Nobita] Sendy.co Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) 1.1.8a

No permission to buy ($20.00)
works good, makes clean looking newsletters .. If you send newsletters sendy is the product for you especially if you already have your bounce system in XF setup for a while. AWS will smack you down if you use a list with alot of hard bounces so make sure your system is clean my personal advise is to send to the users who have visited in the last 6 months AWS is cheap I send out about a 5k newsletter and my bill is around a dollar.
Excellent! Works perfectly. Keeps our sendy email list synced with xenforo registrations, also love how users can unsubscribe via sendy and their XF prefs are synced, and vice versa. Bravo.
Excellent addon. Works seamlessly and communicates with Sendy immediately. I used to pay over £100 a month with Mailchimp, but now, using this product with Sendy and Amazon SES my monthly bill is just a few dollars.
Amazing addon! Really fast support and bug fixxing.(If there is one) I like it more than the other one ;). I recommend this addon to everyone who wants to integrate sendy in xenforo.