[Nobita] MineCraft Avatar

Unmaintained [Nobita] MineCraft Avatar 1.4.1

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Hi all. This update only change the description! :)
Allow update the avatar of old users.

To update: Tools->Rebuild Caches->Rebuild User Caches
Update the API to get UUID and improvement codes!
As title: Support UUID!
Fixed when registering that's don't detected avatar with user state.
Change log:
  • Fixed option `Detected Avatar On Minecraft When Visitor Registering` don't work as expected on https site.
Change log:
  • Fixed https if you're used
Change log:
  • Add new option allow force user when registering must be given valid username from Minecraft.
  • Fixed auto force set Avatar when registering.
  • Minor perfomance.


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Change log:
  • Fixed confict Widget Framework and other AddOn
To Update. You MUST uninstall and install AddOn again ;)