[Nobita] MineCraft Avatar

Unmaintained [Nobita] MineCraft Avatar 1.4.1

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  • Support parameter {uuid} to get avatar.

  • After upgraded addon you should rebuild Users Cache to resolved invalid avatar.
  • Update option of addon and keep it up to date.
  • Added new parameter to display size and default avatar if not match
  • Fixed minor bugs
Hi all,

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Update the provider URL. Support special format of provider. Please update the provider URL when you upgraded addon. Almost of providers using this format: PROVIDER_URL/avatar/MINECRAFT_NAME/SIZE

List of Provider I known

https://minotar.net -> https://minotar.net/avatar/{name}
https://minotar.de -> https://minotar.de/avatar/name/{name}
http://cravatar.eu -> http://cravatar.eu/avatar/{name}
  • Add new option allow you select the provider URL. By default using https://minotar.netbut seem its return too long with other country. :)
IMPORTANT: Please using full URL and does not include '/' in the end url.

Example: https://minotar.net/ should be https://minotar.net


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Fixed when rebuild cache and invalid URI.
Fixed minor bug when rebuild user cache :)
Please rebuild sitemap after you updated addon

Fixed bug when generate sitemap URL for user (Apply to XenForo 1.4+)
Key Logs:
  • Force all link to https
  • Reduce error when registering
  • Fixed minor bugs