News 2.5

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News v1.6 changes:

1) Added Options for better control of user experience
2) Added additional error checking
3) Improved menu system
News v1.5 changes:

Added better checking for RSS feeds that are not valid.
News v1.4 changes:

1) Added tab highlight option.
2) Added back link to News Index.
3) Fixed URL extra slash issue.
News v1.3 changes:

I added code to prevent server error logs when URL parameters were missing.

Upgrade procedure required:

1) Delete library/Andy/News directory on server
2) Copy News directory from zip file to server
3) Run Upgrade XML procedure in Admin CP
News v1.2 changes:

1) Fixed a couple minor CSS issues.
News v1.1 changes:

1) Added option to show News link in Forum tab.