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News - Provides RSS feeds for your members to read.


The News add-on provides RSS feeds for your members to read. RSS is the best way to get information about latest news from other websites. I read RSS feeds often to get interesting information about subjects that will interest my forum members. I often post articles that I find to my forum and that generates very interesting discussions.

Live example:

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This is one addon that I will definitely get some money together to paypal you for in appreciation cause I needed this so bad and it's better than all the other RSS related addons.


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AndyB updated News with a new update entry:

See description.

New v2.0 changes:

Many changes have been made to News v2.0. It is required to completely uninstall versions prior to v2.0 so the new table xf_news can be used.

Upgrading from New v1.9 and below.

1) Using phpMyAdmin save a copy of xf_news as xf_news_old.
2) Uninstall the add-on.
3) Delete the library/Andy/News folder
4) Install News v2.0
5) Using phpMyAdmin copy the data from xf-news_old to xf_news.
6) Set User Group Permissions.
7) Enjoy. :)
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