News 2.5

No permission to download
Works great! Just what my site needs to preview the latest news. Thanks again AndyB. Always making great extras!
Would really have liked to use this add-on, but with it not following the suggested "best coding" practices in the use of the DB table naming structure cannot use it and feel comfortable with it. If at any time in the future XenForo utilizes the xf_news table, this add-on will cause upgrade problems due to that table name already being in existence. The fact was brought to the authors attention but even after an update that required a removal and re-install the practice of using the xf_ prefix remained.
Thank you for this great addon!
Works perfectly, thank you very much.
Great work.
That's it. Really like it on my site! Thank you Andy for this add-on and all the updates.

Recommended add-on! Try yourself.