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Unmaintained [n] Resend Activation Mail 1.0

Resend activation email for users that have not activated their account yet.

  1. nanocode
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Apache 2.0 License - https://github.com/Apantic/resend-confirmation-email/blob/master/LICENSE
    Visible Branding:
    This add-on allows you to resend the confirmation email from the Admin CP for a user that has not confirmed their email yet. The benefits of this is to bring back members who didn't confirm their account, or the email didn't go through due to technical reasons, and you doing the hard work for them.

    1. Unzip ResendConfirmationMail.zip
    2. Upload the contents of the upload directory to your XenForo installation
    3. Install the add-on by the following method:
    Install from uploaded file:
    Upload addon-apResendConfirmationMail.xml
    4. The add-on should now be installed, and a short rebuilding process should occur. Once done, the installation has been successful!

    1. Disable Resend Confirmation Mail in XenForo (Admin CP -> Add-ons -> List Add-ons)
    2. Upload the contents of upload into your forum root (overwrite any existing files from a previous version of Resend Confirmation Mail)
    3. Upgrade Resend Confirmation Mail using the xml provided (Admin CP -> Add-ons -> List Add-ons -> Resend Confirmation Mail -> Upgrade)
    Upgrade from uploaded file:
    Upload addon-apResendConfirmationMail.xml
    4. Re-enable the Resend Confirmation Mail add-on

    Visit a user's profile (that is unconfirmed) and hover over the Actions tab on the right hand side. You can resend the confirmation mail here.


    1. Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.52.36.png
    2. Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.53.39.png
    3. Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.07.07.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. adwade
    Version: 1.0
    One of the tricks I've learned over the years is when a new user doesn't confirm their account via the Confirmation Email, it may be as simple as them having typed in their email incorrectly. (i.e. newuser@yaho.com; newuser@gmial.com; etc.)

    When coupled with @AndyB's New Members add-on (where you can see just who is still in an 'email_confirm' status), the Resend Activation Mail add-on makes it super fast-n-easy to do so once you've corrected an email-address error you've tripped across.
  2. Sparkiller
    Version: 1.0
    This addon is exactly what i was looking for and also something that really should be added to the core software. Thank you for releasing it for free!
    1. nanocode
      Author's Response
      We're glad it's working for you and your website. Thank you for taking the time to review the add-on :)