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Unmaintained Mutt's You Code 1.6

inserts the viewers information into the post

  1. Mutt
    This BBCode lets you insert the reader's username, email, ip address, user ID #, or avatar into your post using the You Code tag. It's basically a prank used to freak readers out. Before anyone gets worried about this exposing people's personal details, only the reader see's their info. Even if you quote a post, the tags are quoted & not their info. The resulting post still shows the readers info & not the posters. Basically, everyone thinks the post is about them.


    this addon requires the Custom BBCode Manager Addon
    • Upload the contents of "upload" to your Xen dir. maintain folder structure & if upgrading, overwrite files.
    • install / upgrade addon in your Xen Addon Manager
    • go to options / Mutt's You Code & set the ID# of your default user. When a guest views the site, the You Code tags will insert this persons information. You can setup a dummy account w/ fake values & use that ID#.
    • install the You Code BBCode in your Xen BBCode Manager. If upgrading, delete the exsiting You Code BBCode first.
    [you]name[/you] - viewers screen name
    [you]id[/you] - viewers user ID #
    [you]email[/you] - viewers email address
    [you]he-she[/you] - he / she based on viewers sex (defaults to he)
    [you]him-her[/you] - him / her based on viewers sex (defaults to him)
    [you]his-her[/you] - his / her based on viewers sex (defaults to his)
    [you]ip[/you] - viewers IP address
    [you=av][/you] - viewers medium sized avatar
    AVATAR OPTION: you can optionally set the avatar size by entering s, m, or l between the tags. example below
    [you=av]l[/you] - viewers large avatar
    LINKS: these you codes make hyperlinks
    [you=email][/you] - mailto link of viewers email address
    [you=pc][/you] - private conversation viewer link
    [you=profile][/you] - viewer profile page link
    [you=posts][/you] - search for viewers posts link
    [you=threads][/you] - search for viewers threads link
    LINKS OPTION: w/ all of these links you can optionally set the link text by adding it between the tags.  BBCode & YouCode can be used.  example below
    [you=pc]Send [you]name[/you] a Private Conversation[/you]


    You can NOT use BBCodes in [ URL ] tag to make links like
    because you can't use bbcodes inside the URL tag. To fix this I've included a BBCode called BBUrl that does allow BBCodes. To prevent Xen from breaking the URLs you need to install the Stop Auto Linking Patch Addon
    • install the Stop Auto Linking Patch in your Addon Manager
    • install the bburl bbcode in the BBCode Manager
    • in the Stop Auto Linking Patch options enter "bburl" in the "Custom BBCodes" field.
    you'll then be able to make you code links like this.
    you can not customize the BBUrl text yet.

    If necessary you can use this tag for an url formatted version of the viewers screen name
    [you]url[/you] - viewers screen name formatted for URLs
    NOTE: There is another [you] code addon in the resource center which works everywhere on your site including in templates but it only does username insertion & quoting a post quotes your actual username instead of the tag. Maybe it will work better for you.
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Recent Updates

  1. corrected import error
  2. added default user ID# option
  3. more tags

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    Reeve of Shinra
    Version: 1.6
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    Luke F
    Version: 1.1b
    Ultimate trolling tool, thanks!