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Mutt's You Code 1.6

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Mutt submitted a new resource:

Mutt's You Code (version 1) - inserts the viewers information into the post

This BBCode lets you insert the reader's username, email, ip address, user ID #, or avatar into your post using the following tags

[you]name[/you] - viewers screen name
[you]id[/you] - viewers user ID #
[you]email[/you] - viewers email address
[you]ip[/you] - viewers IP address
[you]url[/you] - viewers screen name formatted for URLs
[you]av[/you] - viewers avatar
It's basically a prank used to freak readers out. Before anyone gets worried about this exposing people's personal...
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I just went thru & cleaned up some hard coded links to my site. they were for tags I didn't mention previously so unles you looked at the code you wouldn't have seen them. still trying to fix something else & then I'll update the upload.


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This look awesome, will all users be able to use it or can it be restricted to just the admins or a certain user
like all bbcodes on xen, everyone can use it in any place bbcode is allowed. i'm not sure if there's an addon for restricting bbcode but if there is, this works like any other bbcode & wuld work as well

Lone Wolf

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I uploaded the contacts and installed the mutts youcode XML but this still isnt working.

How do I upload these codes to the custom BB code manager. i tried importing the you xml through the custom bb code but got errors.


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opps, I know y

i made the BBCode example to large & changed the table via phpmyadmin. let me shrink it up & reupload.

PS - I just noticed that BBCode is not parse int he thread preview popup which gives away the joke. looking for a fix.

I used the Mass Alert addon & the User Tagging Addon to fake that YOU were tagged in a post & then sent ti out to everyone


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I have both add-ons

How do i use the tag add-on to fake it that everyone has been tagged
in my post I inserted
which will look just like you tagged the person

I simply made a Mass alert saying "Mutt has tagged you in a thread here" & made the URL the URL to my thread. when I sen it people get the notification, click thru & see my post about them.


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Is there any way to restrict the code to only contain the 'name' and 'avatar' options
well, you could simply not tell people about the others

if you want to really restrict it, open the YouCode.php file & you'll see a series of if else 's. you could delete or comment out all the ones you don't want