Moderation Macros

Unmaintained Moderation Macros 1.2.0

No permission to buy ($15.00)
  • Support Text Replaceables;
    • {forumname}
    • {threadtitle}
    • {url}
    • {threadcreator}
    • {staff}
  • Fix highlighting in account wrapper not applying.
  • Add missing phrases, and use the correct phrase instead of 'close_thread'.
  • Rewrite installer to properly support incremental updates
  • Missing phrase (for when no macros can be applied to a node)
  • Fix issue which could cause unexpected thread title truncation
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I've taken over this add-on from @Daniel Hood, and it's now available on my site, Atelier Aphelion, for purchase and download. All future versions will be there, as well.

If you have a current license for this add-on, you can register it there (instructions are available here). You'll get a license from me (terms here), for the remaining duration of your original license, plus another 30 days - just a friendly gesture because of the inevitable delays caused by the hand-over.

My plan is to review and update this add-on to address any outstanding issues. Because I've taken over almost all of @Daniel Hood's add-ons, it might take me a while to get to this one.

To improve support, the requirements for this add-on have been updated:
  • php 5.4+
  • Xenforo 1.3+
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What's New:
  • Each macro has the option to start a conversation with the thread starter with a configurable title and message.
  • Each macro has the option to send an alert to the thread starter.
  • You can now select to use the macro in any node instead of selecting each node individually.
  • A missing phrase was added.
Moderator Essentials license holders now get $5 off the purchase of this add-on. (The license must be active)
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What's New:
  • Fixed a bug with the avatar of the macro author being the default rather than their actual avatar.
  • Applied some css from @gldtn to make the moderation macros page look nicer.
  • Separated the ability to create macros from the ability to create macros (new permission introduced, needs to be set).
  • Fixed a missing phrase.
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