Moderation Macros

Unmaintained Moderation Macros 1.2.0

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Moderation Macros have been an absolute pleasure to work with on our Pixel Exit site. It streamlines various tasks which save us time. I feel like almost every forum could take advantage of it in one way or another.
Very good addon from Daniel again. Great price for this addon which make your Staff users happy. 5 stars for this addon!
This is by far the most complete moderation macros add-on I've used. Works perfectly and makes moderation an ease.. With a front-end manager, rich text editor, and the possibility of allowing each moderator of your board add their own macros which could be easily shared with others. I give this add-on 5 stars without a doubt! Excellent job @Daniel Hood!
Thank you. I'm glad you like the add-on.
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