Link Check

Link Check 1.7

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Link Check v1.7 Changes:

Updated Template Modification to use Regular Expression.
Link Check v1.6 changes:

Added to the Options page an Agent field. This helps avoid false 404's.
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Link Check v1.5 changes:

Added Cron function. Now Link Check v1.5 runs a daily Cron and emails a list of dead links to the admin.
Link Check v1.4 changes:

Fixed a problem with the preg_match_all code, multiple links on the same line were not being matched properly.
Link Check v1.3 changes:

1) Added Limit and Offset settings into Options. This makes using the add-on easier.

2) Added Link Check link into visitors tab.
Link Check v1.2 changes:

1) Added User Group Permissions
2) Cleaned up code, options and templates.
Added options and made results page links open new tabs.