Link Check

Link Check 1.7

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Installed and testet from 60k threads it only found 1 SemRush says there are 2000 broken links.. My hope was this tool could find them :)
Whenever users post incorrect-links, this add-on comes to your rescue! The sooner you find and fix bad-links, the sooner users can continue any discussions about them.

This add-on even found a couple 'I' had fat-fingered and notified me within hours. It's like having an automatic link-wizard looking over your shoulder, should anyone mess up such.
What I really wanted. Worked great and found near by 20 not found links. All fixed and now we are sure that we have clean and neat posts. Thanks again Andy.
I have a similar addon for my Wordpress site. Bad links are bad medicine for Google. Her in NL everybody uses Google. This addon makes sure the forum does not have bad links. Excellent work again!
Does what it says, thanks!
I was looking for something like this, thanks!
Brilliant and helpful!
So helpfull while trying to get a clean forum!