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Latest reviews

This is a perfect solution for a problem I've been working at for several weeks now. It allows my users to have multiple posts of content, as well as linked feedback from other users, without the two interrupting each other.
Great add-on for anybody who is using RSS Feeds but is looking for a bit more flexibility with what to do with them.
Excellent Dark Style with gaming related content and suited for what i needed on a gaming community, Good job!
Thanks for the feedback Dermot, glad you're enjoying the theme!
Saw this pop up and it's something we wanted before moving to XF 2.0, but didn't have. Perfect timing! Works as stated right out of the box with 0 issues that I've found.
Been using this tool for a few weeks. Another great addon by ThemeHouse. Can't wait to see what else they have planned for XF2 :)
Thank you for the kind review and feedback twhiting9275! We have many different add-ons which will be coming out soon, be on the lookout for them! Enjoy!
This is simple and straight forward, and a perfect simple home page portal. Thank you for taking the time to put it together!
Just what I was looking for, flawless guide and works perfectly. Guides like this make it so much easier for users.
Most useful addon for our forum. When we upgraded to XF2 I didn't realise how much our staff relied on this addon. It's seamless and the developer Xon is VERY helpful. I made the payment to get this addon ported and Xon worked closely with any issues I had and fixed them all nearly instantly. Very great to work with, also very much appreciate his work! Thanks a billion Xon. You Rock!
Excellent work Remi, I love your clean codding and wonderfull add-ons that you provide for xenforo users :)
Thank you very much for your review.
This is an excellent add-on. Great the developer. My only goal was to proxy non-SSL images to make sure my entire site was fully SSL. Thank you for making this free add-on.