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Best of Credit system for Xenforo.
Excellent support from the devs.
Very useful for my forum.
Great job.
Great addon, works ok and developers is 5 stars ;)

Improve seo with removing links to low score external sites!
Thank you for your review.
This addon works perfectly and it's super easy and fast to use. It shoud be in the xenforo core! Great work
An incredibly clean style that's very user-friendly. Also highly recommend purchasing from this company due to their quality and fast service!
Thank you for your review :)
Helps out significantly by making uploads snappier, while allowing us to get around the 100MB limit on uploads that CloudFlare imposes.
I'm glad you found it useful!
This is a very nice and comprehensive addon and a no-brainer for those who want to show/sell ads on their page. Siropu also responds quickly when asking him questions, and my highest recommendation :) :)
Super helpful, thank you both for the time and effort to get this working. A feature request - how can we serve these new files from a CDN? I tried and failed due to CORS.
That's probably beyond the scope of this guide. CORS can be really tricky. Usually, it requires you to configure the correct response headers from your web server. Make sure the "application/font-woff2" and "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" HTTP headers are being sent with the .woff2 files.
A great add-on that should be much more expensive since it deals with monetization. XFA gives fast support and listens to new feature ideas, definitely worth your time.
Kick is the best, most supportive developer that I have met. This addon is legit! He worked with me on getting Apple signin setup!
Thanks for the feedback.
Thank you very much for you work! Now it works perfectly, Very good addon for user Thread count. Excellent addon!
Who Downloaded This Resource is very helpful to me, allows me to keep track of popular file downloads! The Resources attachment browser is also excellent.
thanks for the feedback
This is an excellent add-on, it greatly increases the activity and the awareness on my forum. I highly recommend it also because Xon is an excellent XF developer.
Works really well and solved some real problems for me. Great support so far too with quick responses. Good job!
Thanks for the review!
Fills in a feature of XenForo I was surprised was missing, and this addon not only fills that need but enhances it with some extra customization options that may not have made it into a core feature anyway. So a win-win all around, plus has an active developer who maintains the addon. Highly recommended!
Thank you for taking the time to review this add-on. Much appreciated.
Excellent add-on for transferring threads from one user to another and for changing the date and time of threads/posts/media items. A solid and practical add-on. Many Thanks
Hands down, amazing front end portal for Xenforo. We recently installed this and our community loves it.
This is a fun little addon to help engage your community we regular events and other community-building ideas.
Amazing app if you have a discord channel associated with your site. Well supported, clean, and easy to use. Strongly recommended.
Excellent work with solid support from Jaxel, strongly recommended if you site a has accompanied YouTube and other social media channels
this addon is a godsend. its the only way to be able to have your conversations jump to the most recent post if its already been read, rather than starting at the very first conversation.