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It’s alright but there’s a bug where the bb code icons are not showing in the forms but besides this I do recommend this
I use this add-on heavily in my forum. There's no replacement for it. Xon is a very capable developer who produces rather complicated yet efficient add-ons.
I agree with Lee, this is an EXCELLENT add-on... works great with "Page as Portal Homepage" tips & guides item.
Thank you for the review, it is appreciated, :)
Very helpful when you need to only let application reviewers to see the applications, instead of the public. Works great and as intended!
this is so simple yet so helpful -- should be part of the core. Beats jumping back and forth and guessing.
Great work, complete translation for latin spanish.
Thanks and enjoy it. I hope this review can help.
This looks really great. Clean and fresh looking. The only thing I would change to the core xml is the text size. Other than that this is a great looking theme
Thanks for the review! I'll look into increasing the font size but in the mean time you can simply head over to Style properties > Typography > and change the values there. If you need a hand, drop me a PM.
Fantastic add-on and great support! Xon is a great developer, attention to detail is important and the developer always delivers. Keep it up!
I am in love with this add-on. It was easy to install and looks beautiful. Plus, the option to add in your own custom holidays is amazing. Thank You!!
The perfect way to prevent a long list of nodes on your index. Looks sleek and works fine. Helps to organize your forums.
Thank you !
Excellent tutorial for securing XnForo backend, quite a long ago I was searching for this type of solution to give my forum high protection, this guide helped to maximize in the particular security type. Thanks !
Nicely done! One of the best XF add ons to make forum simple & readable.
solves all mess at once. Thanks a lot Andy
Great add-on. The enhanced tools have been very useful. and Painbaker provides excellent support with quick turnaround fixes.
I am happy to dump my clumsy hack for this and use this one -- another quality add-on from OzzModz; thanks!
Great plugin! Very intuitive... Members can now easily switch between tabs... Please rename Bassman to Batman!
Thank you for your kind review. Glad you like it.
Excellent translation. The phrases and meaning of them are all according with the "spirit" of a forum, meaning he didn't copy/pasted from/to Google Translator. No flaws. 100% awesome work.
This is a solid implementation of a calendar, and is easy to use and doesn't have restrictions that XenAtendo had at times.

If you are in need of a calendar, this is probably the solution to go for.
This is a key add-on for anyone who had a community where you have have functionality that is not core to XenForo, but you need to bring it to your members attention. It is very simple to setup, and very intuitive for members.

It is currently lacking (12/21/2020) a lot of criteria, but NixFifty has shown a willingness to add additional options, and is willing to discuss suggestions brought up by customers.

It is also not difficult to add your own criteria, as I have had done with one of my custom addons.
A beautifully crafted artisanal add on that I can't believe I've had the pleasure of using. It works and does the job.