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Latest reviews

Excellent addon. Andy is a top notch developer with addons for the most useful features. A simple request with an idea on how it should be, resulted with a ready addon from Andy in just about 3 hours.
Looks great! Thank you for sharing. I hope XF Staff will implement this as a permanent fixture. It truly enhances the aesthetics of my test site.
Since version 1.5 this addon is amazing and highly recommended to anyone who needs support tickets for their site. Its easy for members and guests to submit a ticket.
The preset answers save a ton of time. Escalations allow for automatic answers and closing of tickets. People receive email notifications.
The members of my big board are clearly happy with the support they now get. I prefer this addon over Kayako Support Suite which costed me $999 per year.

Nixfity tickets is well designed, very feature rich and works great.
It doesn't have a knowledge base yet, but that is scheduled for the future.
why not use template modifications?
you will not hard edit when you change your theme.

thanks for share
For years the blog and forums of Mythic Scribes existed as parallel, but separate entities. XenWord Pro has fixed that. Now they are seamlessly integrated, and our members absolutely love it. This plugin is fantastic.
I'm glad everything is working for you. The newest version is shaping up quite nicely.
Worked like a charm, and looks great! Much better than just the text. Thanks for making this a simple procedure.
Thanks for the Feedback
Easy to apply, easy to modify, does exactly what's shown in the example. Great job! Simple and to the point!!!
Useful addon to see who is watching our discussion or that of others. The small option to see who is watching the discussion at the same time as you.
I highly recommend it :)
very frustrated. poor instructions for my simple mind. I guess it works, eventually? Maybe developer does not speak English? Instructions need to be in more detail without having to read 42 pages of a thread.....and still feeling lost. I give it 2 stars to be nice.
I'm using Xenforo version 1.5.7 and I have some bugs. The support is null and the developer replied that he doesn't know how to fix the problem.
Theme was made for 1.5.15a so don't blame me you are not upgrading forums ;)