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Great Add-on, specially you accepted this to update after original author has stopped updating it. and you continue to maintained it FREE, many thanks.
Many thanks for the kind review ! :)
very nice, working perfectly, best thing is this is FREE stuff, helped me to complete my special task with a pacific nod, Thank you.
Nice little add-on working as expected, great work and Weldon, hope to see more like that in future, Thank
Glad to hear that you are loving our addon ^^. Many thanks.
This should be a out of the box standard for xenforo, thanks for creating this! No more hitting F5 F5 F5 :D
Fantastic addon, fast and communicative support for error correction. I recommend the addod does what it has and is very useful for filtering items, users love it. Thanks!
Thank you for the feedback!
Great add-on works flawlessly for me. Highly recommended, XenForo should have this feature by default.
Fantastic code, Looks very amazing, Realy nice addition for forum home page look, Thanks for sharing. Please keep it up.
This Add-on is great and you made it more usable in the latest update, admin can force users to fill some fields before upgrade their account. The developer are listening to the customers and developing this add-on in short time. Thanks and keep it up.
Thank you for the kind review. Feel free to ask for new features !
Should have read reviews myself, just broke mine and had to do a fresh install. Please remove resource owner.
have been waiting for this addon for a while now, kudos on getting it done for us, hoping for a sidebar widget to come soon
If you don't have this plugin, get it. Because the struggle with user group promotions syncing actually makes me want to pull my hair out. For users who used to use Join User Groups by ThemeHouse this is exactly what you're looking for. Honestly not that I'm encouraging it but I'd pay for this plugin. If you have an extra few dollars to send Xon please do to assist them in keeping this plugin up-to-date.
awesome add-on
but this add-on don't have option for sending message to staff without any restriction....

please can you add this option as well in this add-on
Allows new conversations to staff only with 0 posts.

and please put your add-on in buying mode...those important add-on should not be free... :)