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Great translation, works well. And fast delivery, got it in minutes in the late evening. Thanks a lot for the work!
Just started using this add-on and I friggin love it. This is something you would expect from a paid add-on. Very well done and adds an even deeper dimension to how you can engage, reward and build stickiness with your site's users. Ozzy continues to be a force for the XF community and I am thankful for it.
Love this -- Works well and getting better all the time. I really appreciate this developer taking on this addon
works great, easy to setup... took about 10 seconds and it was doing exactly what I wanted to do - set a secondary group automatically after validation.
I am very happy to see this after the previous option that I had just started using was abruptly halted by its developer. The improvements and updates for this have been frequent and I hope it has a long life.
This definitely answers some of the most asked FAQs in the development forum. Even I got to know a few more extra stuff after going through it.
Thank you Andy, you're always there to fix what Xenforo falls short on. We are truly grateful for you.
This was really needed by the community, I found it tough to track updates on a few forums that I have, this add-on makes it so much easier. Thanks for creating it and releasing it to the community, was a pleasure beta testing it with the group.
This is just hilarious. How could i go so many years without such a good idea/addon? Great work and also great support. Go forward...
Doesn't work with subfonter. All custom subforum icons on homepage disappear. Pretty useless for the average install really.
Before giving a really nagative review it would have been nice to first ask for support :)
What exactly does "Doesn't work with subfonter" mean - do you get any error message?
What were the exact steps you did take to install and configure the Add-on?
Adds the 'robots online' to the side widget, but not anywhere on the Members page. Pretty useless really.
The whole point of the addon is to identify a lot more Robots than the core product identifies - and these are shown on the Members page in the "Everyone" view and in the "Robots" view.
i was getting only a medium score on google speed checker and then i installed this addon and my score bumped up to a green score. very nice, would recommend.
This is exactly what I was looking for. Best way how to still holding all add-ons up tu date from one place.
This is really needed. I found it hard to track all those add-on updates on several forums. With this add-on, it is much easier. Thank you for creating it.
Fantastic add-on that makes it easy to take advantage of all your Cloudflare features. I used it to setup R2 and it was really easy.