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Great stuff, highly used on our forums, especially during holiday season when users want to gift their friends and loved ones who also use the community. Thanks!
Really useful API that allows us to link external systems such as minecraft servers and more to our forum to perform various automated tasks!
Great add on with constant updates (sometimes too many lol, but this has gotten better over time). Makes everything really well implemented into the forum, especially YouTube videos :D
Finally allowed me to move away from MediaWiki. Really great integration into the forums and easy to use. Permissions implemented into Xenforo as opposed to the previous MediaWiki system is a blessing :)
Great chat system, unfortunately it is a tad bit slow when measuring with GTMetrix causing 10x page load. Other than that, this chat system has served us well for many years :) Simple and elegant.
This add-on has worked wonders for our forum! Thank you very much. Great developer with very quick support and custom assistance! Thanks xfrocks :D
Broken, doesn’t work, issues still not addressed, refunds not offered. Would highly advise not doing business with them. This is my honest review in good faith. More information can be found on their lite version thread.
DragonByte Tech
DragonByte Tech
User is a serial liar, made multiple false claims and decided that providing evidence of their claims is too much to ask on Thanksgiving weekend.

User gives us less than 1 hour to respond to a support ticket before engaging in a chargeback via PayPal:

User lies about requesting a partial refund, and lies about having exchanged PMs with us:

When questioned about why no evidence of these PMs have been presented, user says they have better things to do:

User tells me (via PM) they plan to misrepresent the situation to their bank:

User is upset that I have not answered a support ticket for a product they intend to chargeback:

I would take what this person says with a grain of salt, that is my honest review of this customer in good faith.

Excellent XF2 version of the good old link directory. Importing hundreds of old links from the XF1 addon was no problem at all and done in a few minutes :)
Perfect chat software and amazing developer with outstanding support! Highly recommend! A+++ Thank you!
Very good integration with xenforo, if you have indexed many pages in google this is the perfect solution. Hint! You can use AdSense code as Google Search Engine ID!
Purchases the PRO version of Dragon Byte chat and not only did it not work but the owners denied ALL support and refund requests. DO NOT BUY!
DragonByte Tech
DragonByte Tech
It never ceases to amaze me how people are willing to lie just to be vindictive when their lies are so easily disproven:

In this thread, the user gave us less than an hour to address their support ticket. After letting the user know I hadn’t had a chance to look at their ticket yet, instead offering store credit, the user decided that lying to PayPal was the appropriate course of action.


Such a complete chat, tons of options. The rooms option was something I'd been searching for a really long time and works better than I expected.
So useful when you've moved posts and the post order breaks. Just change the post date and that's it. This feature should be core imo.
Nodes look amazing, this add-on changes the look of your site and navigation feels a lot better too. Thanks to images, users can use the images to orient themselves instead of reading every single node title. It gives the forum a very professional look.
Only draback I've found so far is the fact that the images take just a little too much time to load. I've checked other sites using this add-on and the same thing happens there (not only an issue on my site). Even with the images uploaded to the server and even if you don't clean up your caché, it still takes more time to load than the rest of attachments of images in general on your forum. Nothing major, but that's the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars.
Such a simple add-on, yet so necessary for a site like mine, in which most first-posts have to be "posted" by the same user. A shame we can't choose a various threads to change the post author in all of them at the same time, but still, a must for me and I guess for many others.
Works perfectly. The "try anyways" mode is really helpful, specially if a user wants to find a thread searching for words shorter than 4 characters.
Great addon. Quick way to see what users have posted in what forums/nodes, which is also another good way for users to find the kind of content they're most interested in.
Just try but not work en XF2.1 i will check in some days if work i will change my review. Thanks sir.
Great Addon! Its very easy to install and work with and the support by aulait is (as always) one of the best :)
Excellent addition to the theme again by Mr Gibbs! Easy to install and could possibly help increase of posts.