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Gott dangit! This is precisely the comprehensive practical instruction guidance manual which should bloody well be positioned front and center! I only just stumbled on it after chancing upon a link by Mr Brogan. Apparently it's the only obvious route here, coz I just tried to find this resource from the main page. Buggered if I can find it.😐
And yes. I get this is for XF1. However the specific post with this link states this XF1 'How to' guide also generally applies to XF2.

For real. We, and I mean everyone, needs seriously start workinh together to develop our shared circumstance for the positive.

A lot of the time, it seems tensions are high due to acute frustration en masse. Everything spirals out of control over & over, in toxic cycles.

We need to address this otherwise it'll just continue indefinitely... devolving further each cycle.

My frank recommendation would be to call on any reliable and willing Xenforo Community volunteers who could take this-(& any other similar)-exceptional resources by Mr Brogan-& others, and consolidate the lot.
Of course updating everything too.

Then put this newly updated Xenforo guide manual out where everyone can actually see the blimmen thing.
There's just too many layers upon layers piled up with so much stuff.
I already have a reasonable knowledge of the basic frontend layout/navigation...😂and yet I still can't find jack sh...!

This is a great resource Mr Brogan.
Thank you for your efforts. Some of us genuinely can/& do recognize and appreciate you sir.
Surprisingly solid all round credits system really.
Almost a DBT Credits Lite version in a way.
Couple of important aspects I like about [Xen-Soluce] Credits System, is the overall user friendliness & minimalism, which still provides for reasonably comprehensive optional set-ups and all entirely without flashy unnecessary bloat.

Absolutely worth 5/5⭐
Upgraded today from 1.1.2 to 1.2.0 directly from the ACP.
Everything went as expected. All of my settings such as license key and country codes were transferred intact. This is a very useful product.
In my forum it is an essential addon that helps me preview the book covers of each publication. Simple but VERY effective addon!
overall very good, but there are a few things I miss: when I add someone to a tournament, I can't enter a free type name and if I edit the scores in moderator view, one of the persons/teams is immediately shown as the winner - so it's not always availabe for real-time results as it can be confusing. I look forward to further improvements!
~"Rate this resource"~

~"Explain why you're giving this rating."~

Well frankly, let's get one thing straight!

I don't much care for no gott dang rating boxlet's demands of explanation, to be entirely unambiguous!

As the great Gretchen Thunberger once proclaimed: "HOWE DEAR EWE!", or some such profundity.

...Now...😎behold as I "comply" ******!


•f) We're talking about the legendary BassMan's fine craftsmanship here!

•i) Anything less than 5/5★ would be blasphemy!

•v) Seriously is the case with another 10 utility enhancements currently installed...all have/and are working perfectly.

•e) There is no shadow of doubt in my mind, [cXF] 'Quicksearch Customizations' is indeed solid af!

•s) Never once has it, nor any other ever performed otherwise precisely as described.

•t) And yet, were ever a scenario in which this, or the other reliable utilites seeming as if to fall short...

•a) is safe to say, one may rest assured, as BassMan is synonymous with promptly setting things in appropriate order.

•r) [cXF] products, service and customer support are unparalleled!

•s) Top notch all round! 😎👍🏆
Thank you very much for your review.
Wasn't sure about this initially, infact I first assumed it may have actually been a shameless rant about how flippin' annoying those lame cookies notices really are, possibly only slightly worse than the god awful push notifications.

And so I thought to myself, helaas pindakaas.

That was a couple of days ago.

However after stumbling upon this thread again and taking a moment to read it, lol, I realized I had been mistaken.

Turns out this is a surprisingly useful & simple template edits-(and possibly one of the most optionally hilarious ones)-I've seen so far.

Works perfectly too.

As much as I would love the opportunity to impress my astonishingly hostile Dutch frienemy by demonstrating my take on Dutch bespreekbaarheid, directly sharing here what I have replaced the original "I don't care about cookies" statement with, except if I did that.... there's roughly around a 100% likelihood it'll upset some whiney thin skinned peeps.

Tbh that would be quite funny–however I prefer not being banned for a cheap laugh.

Point is: cookie notices do suck, I definitely don't care about them.

Hopefully we can also add a similar template edit to the obnoxious push notifications too.

Anyways, in conclusion: whoever contributed this resource is an absolute champion! Much appreciated!
Simple and Clean without jumping through a lot of hoops. Easy to install and easy to modify without a lot of hassle.
I purchased this plugin. But it doesn't work. I contacted the plugin owner. The plugin owner is not helpful. I bought the plugin for nothing.
Well, in my frank opinion: this resource is officially the coolest template edit I've ever done.

I am genuinely grateful, good sir Brogan, thank you for this opportunity.

Everything appears as working perfectly...and apparently this tripppy code also adds some gnarly styling to Devsell's - [021] 'Realtime Chat' widget-(while on the DMs pages-(*it's positioned in [cXF] 'Advanced Footer')).

😎👍💥🏆Top show mate!

Awesome item to bring the XF communities! Love it, and thanks for creating it DBTech! So far, so good... looking forward to future releases.
Amazing addon and support. I had an old version of the addon and apathy helped me upgrade it when it was causing errors. One of the best there is!
Interesting utility, I would say essential for monitoring incorrect access to the forum by users or simple bots
Definitely worth 5 stars!

I had wanted the obnoxious-orange rss icon gone asap.

Simply downloading–& installing this little beaut of an add-on, did the trick perfectly! !

Barely took 5-10 seconds, zero set-up. Piece of cake!

Many thanks
@OzzModz 🏆
@021 🏆
@TickTackk 🏆
and @Chris D 🏆
Great theme, easy purchase and easy to install. Had a quick question and DOH got back to me right away.
Thank you for your review.
The plugin's promising concept was overshadowed by its complexity and non-intuitive design, making quiz creation difficult. It feels more like a beta version than a finished product. Given its quality, the $40 price seems excessive. Overall, I'm quite disappointed.
I'm sorry you're having trouble using it.
It's easy to use. We've chosen to break it down into several steps: creating the quiz, then creating the questions, and once everything's finished, just publish it for members to see.
This means you can create your quiz and publish it whenever you like, and you can simply by adding, modifying or deleting questions.
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