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a must-have addon if you want to build new forum from scratch or maintain activity around your forum. Good job!
Thank you to the developer for updating the addon when I came across an error! I definitely love OzzMod's addons, they help enhance my forum 10 fold.
Impressively written tool that interacts with ChatGTP. We have only had it for 12 hours, but my members are loving it so far. It handles follow-up questions well, within the same thread, and gives meaningful intelligently worded replies. The permissions integrate well with the Xenforo interface, and it was simple to set it up. Author has been very responsive, too.
Excellent Addon! Everything I wanted is in there! And even better the support is amazing! This is actually my 3rd Siropu Addon as they are always reliable and again I repeat the best support ever!
Andy, one of the most prolific providers of add-ons for Xenforo, has come up with another winner. "Conversations" lacks a BCC feature. Tell me it isn't true email; please. It's email within the site, and there are times when you want to have the ability to send to a select group of people, but not have know who is receiving the communication. This elegantly solves that issue. Now I create one email, copy/paste a group of member names into the box, insert the message, and click send. Just sent 20 emails vs. have to do that 20 times! For $35, I'd probably buy it. For $35, I get it and access to Andy's collection of 400 other add-ons . . . seriously! Best deal ever!
Xon is an excellent person, I reported issues with the alert plugin and within a few days he fixed them all. It goes without saying that he's a great developer because it's obvious.
Great , fun, and scary. The responses are not 100% accurate to what is actually happening if you are being specific (no fault to 021), but for general questions and more so open-ended requests, this is very engaging.
Works perfectly. I'm using Joypixels and the default CDN and the lovely emojis in the editor were turning to crap when shown in the resulting post. This fixes it. Thanks!
This could be an indispensable tool if used properly and can add (artificial) life to your forum. It seems to be well done and the developer responds very quickly.
Not an addon I have to use often, but very handy when I do. Well implemented, and I appreciate that it makes it easy to change user on threads/posts en masse.
Interesting add-on. Gives you the option to check all mails automatically sent. This option should be actually available with xenforo. Thanks Andy.
Without a doubt the single best add-on for XF. Every conceivable display option you could ever ask for. Works flawlessly. Bravo!
Works well on the whole, as long as you understand it's limitations when it comes to creating tabs for categories & nodes. Specifically, it ONLY works for displaying categories as tabs - and once you click on a tab, it will display that category and all the nodes in it. It does not allow you to display only specific nodes. It does not matter if you choose to display all or only some of the nodes in a category, because it will always show ALL of them. Dev should probably just rename "nodes" to "categories" & remove the instruction in the settings to "select the nodes to be displayed" (and maybe take out the bit in the description here about displaying chosen nodes), and there would be less confusion over what functionality it's supposed to have. Other than that, works as advertised.
Thank you so much! This add-on fixes the emoji issue that has been driving me and our members crazy. Super simple to use, just install and go. Works perfectly!
We use this add-on mainly to filter activity summary emails to our upgraded users. These users have very specific communication with staff only, so we don't want their email inboxes to be spammed with emails they haven't really signed-in for (or didn't really realize what it means).
Great product, great support, cannot thank you enough, keep up the good work sir. Wish you all the best!
I was exactly looking for this kind of add-on. It allows me to restric the users with from a single domain.
Like always this is high-quality work from Xon. It's a very useful add-on which helps you to find content even faster. (mobile and desktop).
My users love it.
And Xon's service is blazingly fast and there are always frequent updates.
Thumbs up!
Very powerful addon and so much more useful than the default trophy points system. Hoping for a lot more enhancements in future versions but the initial introduction and usability has brought good feedback from my community.
I really wanted this add-on. Did it quickly and got me to use it. He's pretty good at design. Thanks.
Thank you for your review.