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Inbox alert Icon v1

This alteration will display a image above the inbox link when you recieve a PC.

  1. Shelley
    [​IMG] inbox_alert_preview.png

    Summary: This alteration will changed the default standard alerts on the inbox and display an envelope icon although I encourage to use a better image than the one I provided. Standard alerts are untouched and will display the balloon.
    notes: If you have a custom navigation you may need to re-position the Icon as this was tested on a default installation.

    Install: Simply upload the Icon to your /icons folder and paste the following in your EXTRA.CSS template.

    .navTabs .inbox .itemCount {
        background: url("@imagePath/xenforo/icons/alert_inbox.png") no-repeat scroll center transparent;
        line-height: 13px;
        box-shadow: none;
        height: 22px;
        min-width: 25px;
        color: #4c4c4c;
        top: -13px;}
    .navTabs .inbox .itemCount .arrow { border-width: 0; }
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Recent Reviews

  1. oO5 Dynasty
    oO5 Dynasty
    Version: v1
    how about a add-on for the alert tab just like this cool one.
  2. Xyphien
    Version: v1
    Love it :) Thank you for sharing this with us.
  3. Adam Howard
    Adam Howard
    Version: v1
    Its the little things that add up. Keep up the good work Shelley and thanks for doing all that you do. :)
  4. Dzi
    Version: v1
  5. ashkir
    Version: v1
    I like it!