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This addon allows your members to hide specific user's signatures.

There is a permission for the admin to choose who can do this.

There is a link underneath the signature that a user can click to hide the signature. This link then changes to a show signature link if the signature is hidden.

See screenshots for a more in-depth explanation ;)
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Liam W
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Latest reviews

Awesome! removes a lot of noise in the forums :)
It should be in xenforo system.
Than You "Author" for Sharing
Just what I needed, thank you!
Liam W
Liam W
Thanks! Glad it's useful :)
lets members have sigs without having to bother them to make sure it doesn't violate the size b/c 99% of people will just block em anyway

thanks for this!
Works great, something members have wanted for a while. Now I don't have to go around messaging people who have too large signatures.
Very cool. Something that should be standard.
Excellent :).
Liam W
Liam W
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