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Unmaintained Ignore Signatures 2.2

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Hopefully this version will fix collision issues people have been having with other addons and this addon.

Namely for the better blogs addon - it now works on my test install.

This update also changes the addon name in the control panel, it is now named 'Ignore Signatures' instead of 'Hide User Signatures'.

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Fixed the bug (hopefully forever) where the images weren't showing in posts.

This update removes several files - you may wish to disable the addon, delete the library/UDS folder, reupload the folder, import the new XML, then re-enable the addon (the order matters), to ensure you aren't left with old files which could cause issues.
I forgot to call parent, which was causing issues with other addons.
Small release to slightly reduce queries per thread.
This update adds some new features, which you may or may not find useful:

  • Global ignore list.
    This allows the administrator to provide a list of users that should have their signature ignored by everyone by default. The signature will only be shown if a user specifically requests it to be shown.
  • 'Warning' PM
    The administrator can define a number of ignores. If a user gets this number of ignores or more, then they will be sent a PM. The PM subject and message are set via phrases and as such can be edited easily.
  • Auto remove signature
    The administrator can define a number of ignores. If a user reaches this number of ignores or more, then their signature will be removed automatically.
Please be aware that this addon adds some new rows to the table, and also changes some setting on existing rows. The changes are as follows, you should ensure they are applied correctly:

New row: unhidden_signatures TEXT NULL
New row: pm_sent INT( 10 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'
Changed row: hidden_signatures changed from NOT NULL to NULL

Another major change is that there is no longer 2 separate versions for xF 1.1.x and 1.2.x - they are in the same files & XML. I haven't been able to test on 1.1.x, so please let me know if you have any issues.
This update is for XenForo 1.2 ONLY. Nothing has changed in the <1.2 version.

Bugs fixed:

  • Post drafts not working on 1.2
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First, the bug fixes:

  • Fixed attachment bug (at least on my test install)

  • Link now uses a template
  • Link now hidden, and shows when someone hovers over the signature div!
NOTE: This update removes some files. You may wish to delete the /library/UDS folder and then upload the update contents.
Fixed bug where clicking the 'Reply' button would cause it to load a new page.
New in 1.2:
  • Now works in conversations
  • (Calls parent classes)
  • Added 2 new permissions:
    • Can hide own signature
    • Signature can be hidden
  • Phrased all(?) text.
(I accidentally left the debug text in, it's gone now)

(no, really this time)


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