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Unmaintained GoodForNothing Avatar On Registration 1.0.0 Beta 3

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Awesome add-on ..would love to see it more out of beta. It is very well done. Works as expected, have experienced no issues - but would like to see a version where you could require an avatar at join with less browser compat. concerns.
Fantastic addon. This will help our forums to get real members, i think it's actually great to prevent spammers, thank you!
Thank you very much for the review :)
Excellent add-on. I've been using it for a week, haven't found any bugs. Work's as expected.

Since there is an option of "required" to upload avatar during registration, now every new member always uploads an avatar. The forum looks a lot better now since every memeber has a different avatar and not a forum full of the default avatar.

5 star add-on. Thanks!
Thank you for the awesome review Joey :)
It is working so far, only did some quick test. Removed the "required" by default tick. Good Job! Maybe you can remove some text below the upload button, my board should be as simple as possible, too much to read :- ))
Thank you for the review :).
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