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Forum Moderators 3.1

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My forums use this add-in to give moderators recognition for the help they provide and also to let members know who the moderators are. AndyB provides outstanding add-ins that work very well.
Neat useful must have add-on. Thanks Andy. Your add-ons really helped me reach some of my goals in my forum and also find some free time for myself. Wish you the best, as always.
Another great addon from AndyB. What a time saver. After installing this addon my members now know who to send their questions to about a particular forum or node. Prior to installing this addon being the admin of the site I was getting ALL of the issues and emails. Since installing Andy's addon, my members now send their questions (and problems) to a moderator. My conversations and email have been cut in haft. This new addon from AddyB is a busy admin's dream.
We have just installed this and love it already. It's quick to install and configure. Users are easily able to distinguish who is a moderator of the section which helps too. Thanks Andy!
Very helpful addon. Stops your members from asking who the moderators are they should contact for individual forums. AndyB responded quickly to a minor bug I found and was able to correct it in a timely manor.
Does exactly what it says. Love it. One of the many many great addons made by Andy. Again many many thanks ;)

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Love this
This is my first ever review on this site. I've downloaded a ton of add-ons and I never felt so compelled to rate one.

Andy is an amazing developer who has the right amount of passion and care of his code and add-ons. And that rubs off onto his support. I asked him if he could add a new view to the add-on and within 24 hours, he had done it and updated it. This is a remarkable programmer who puts extreme care to their work.

One of the very best add-on makers on XenForo, high recommend this add-on. Thank you Andy!
Great addon !!!
works great. just install and works
Good job, Andy!
Excellent add-on and support!
Excellent add-on, works fine!
Excellent add-on and great options in this version.
Excellently applied, essential addon
Thanks it works great!