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Forum Moderators 3.1

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On Dec 31, 2015 version 3.0 of this add-on was released to address an exploitable SQL injection vulnerability. If you are still using a version of this add-on which is below 3.0 or released before Dec 31, 2015 then it is essential that you update to the latest version of the add-on as soon as possible to fix this security issue. If you have any further questions, please ask.
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Forum Moderators v3.1 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Forum Moderators v3.0 changes:

1) Remove option to show a Moderators link in the forum list.
2) Fixed problem with not showing moderators if there is only one super moderator.
3) Now using prepared statements.
Forum Moderators v2.9 changes:

Fixed problem dealing with excluding super moderators.
Forum Moderators v2.8 changes:

In the Options page, the Exclude Super Moderators field can now selectively exclude by user ID.
Forum Moderators v2.7 changes:

Added code to prevent server error if forum ID does not exist and to ensure forum view permissions exist.
Forum Moderators v2.6 changes:

Corrected a problem where "Exclude Moderators" entered in the Options page were still showing as moderators in subforums.
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Forum Moderators v2.5 changes:

Added code to prevent error if extra comma is used in exclude fields in options.
Forum Moderators v2.4 changes:

Removed spaces from Template Modification IDs.
Forum Moderators v2.3 changes.

1) Added Option to Exclude Super Moderators. Note Super Moderators can still be shown if also added as a regular Moderator for any particular forum.

Copy the library/Andy/ForumModerators folder to your server and upgrade the XML file.
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