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This add-on is based on an example usage of Font Awesome. You can see the original code in action here:

And the end result using this add-on:


This add-on gives you a new template: font_awesome_rating. That template can be used as a direct replacement for the default XenForo "rating" template that XenForo uses for the Resource Manager.

Many add-ons, including uses the same default ratings template.

All you need to do is search for usages of:
<xen:include template="rating"

And replace with:
<xen:include template="font_awesome_rating"

As an added bonus, I have included a bunch of template modifications which replaces the default rating template in the Resource Manager.

Why would you want to do this?

Maybe you want your ratings to be a different colour:

Or even a different icon!

Just customise font_awesome_rating.css to your liking.

Font icons look great at any zoom level, unlike the default spritesheet graphic.

Hope you enjoy this!
Chris D
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Really simple, but useful add-on. Something that I was looking for. Installed and worked as it must. Thanks.
just what i need. now go for the xenforo-ui-sprite.png
And yet another great little gem by Chris!
Excellent use of Font Awesome Icons. Great work Chris.
I love you Chris. Seriously. I was asking this morning and Chris provided the solution within 24 hours. Unbelievable.
Chris D
Chris D
Thanks Andy. To be truthful, I've had my beady little eye on doing this for quite some time. It's almost coincidental you posted about it on the same day :)
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