Font Awesome Manager

Font Awesome Manager 1.2.1

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This plugin is awesome...
Global reduction of 80%, from 563kb to less than 60, really amazing!

Also, Kirby helped me in DM to optimize and fit to my needs...
Fantastic! I've been cursing the performance challenges of Xenforo (just migrated from phpBB) when my rankings and traffic started to drop due to Google's Pagespeed numbers. I'd tried numerous things, but this is by far the BEST bump back up. Thank you!
Thanks for this great free addon, Google score was 64 before and now it's 97 !! It works like a charm !
Absolutely amazing addon! Quickly checking some pages the average loaded fonts were before this addon 585kB.. After installing it loads roughly 50kB, a reduction of ~92% in size.. This should be installed all XF forums :)
Thanks @Kirby !

This tool is one of the best enhancements for XF 2.x anywhere.
This gives XF a turbo, even with mobile sites: D
Easy to install, very good FAQ in case of problems and really free of charge.
One of the single greatest addons you can add to your XF2 site right now. Thats about all I have to say.
Thank you so much @kirby for this critical and wonderful addon! IMHO this functionality should be core and is essential for any administrator that takes speed and optimization serious. A very valuable addon which works like a charm.
Wonderful addon. Thank you for inviting me to the beta. This has been a huge performance boost to the forum.
This is a great resource, just did a GT metrix test and score went up significantly. I had previously decided not to install any more addons, but this one just seems indispensable!
A no-brainer for some easy and important speed optimization. The add-on works out of the box with no configuration needed. Saved me about 250kb of CSS and probably even more in unneeded font files. Great work!
I'm using this since a couple of month and it's just excellent. Page speed improved a lot, so highly recommended for everyone!
Incredible! Makes a big difference in our Google Page Speed! Thanks @kirby & @MattW for the awesome help with this! (if only Ad Networks, especially Google, could be as efficient)
Really awesome resource that instantly helps improve page loading speed and is really quite stable. Highly recommended!
top asset here for page speed and reducing OEM bloat. must-have addon for anyone who cares about their site's seo and web vitals
This is an outstanding add-on, essential on any XF installation. To be honest, I can't stop running my sites through GTMetrix, Webpagetest, and PageSpeed. Thanks, Kirby!
This is an incredible and must-have add on for any Xenforo forum, new or not--to top it off, it's free!
One of the best add-ons and the best one that is indispensable. And then for free! Thank you Kirby. :)
Great addon that reduces loading times and thus improve your Google PageSpeed scores. If you use a lot of custom icons it may be a bit more work to get all the icons to show correctly but it is certainly worth your troubles.
Certainly a must have addon for XF 2.x, makes a lot of difference for FontAwesome fonts size and thus help website speed boost. and it's FREE!
This is a must have for any XenForo community to reduce the page load size of the first visit. It's kind of amazing how Kirby automated the whole process which required a lot of manual work in previous versions of XenForo.