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Unmaintained Extra Code Events 1.0.2

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This adds extra code events:
  • load_class_autoloader
  • load_class_controller_helper
  • load_class_news_feed
  • controller_post_dispatch
NewsFeedHanler and all the ControllerHelpers become dynamic classes. So, load_class_controller_helper and load_class_news_feed are used like load_class_controller.

Added controller_post_dispatch is similar to controller_pre_dispatch and has the instance of Controller and ControllerResponce in arguments.

Extension of ConrollerHelpers and Handlers become posible since they are called using auxiliary methods of controller and model.

Event controller_post_dispatch is added by extending all the controllers. Extension of all controllers is realised by extending autolader.

Feel free to request other handlers to be extandable.

To Kier and Mike: please, add this code events to the core and please, consider extension of regular Helpers. Mainly XenForo_ViewPublic_Helper_Message is very important.
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Latest updates

  1. AddonID and Folder name renamed

    AddonID and Folder name renamed
  2. load_class_autoloader added. redeclaration bug fixed.

    load_class_autoloader added. redeclaration bug fixed.
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