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Email Subscription 3.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5

Send a daily email with the last 24 hours new topics.

Members and guests can subscribe or unsubscribe to the Email Subscription by clicking the link in the footer, this is an opt-in add-on.

(Example of email that is received every day)


(Example of Email Subscription page for members)


(Example of Email Subscription page for guests)


(Example of Options page)


(Example of Email Subscription link in footer)


(Example of Group Permissions)


  • Send an email every day with the last 24 hours new topics.
  • Ability to exclude any forum.
  • Adds link to footer.
  • Members can easily subscribe or unsubscribe.
  • Guests can easily subscribe or unsubscribe.
  • Admin page shows number of subscriptions.
  • All phrases start with emailsubscription_ for your convenience.
  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Upload the Andy folder to your server. The correct location will be library/Andy.
  3. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page.
  4. Upload the addon-EmailSubscription_v3.0.xml file.
  5. Click the Install Add-on button.
  • The Options page has a field called Exclude Forums, this field must be updated if you want to exclude any private or restricted forums.
Group Permissions:

In order to see the Admin link in the overlay for members, set the Administrative group to Allow.

Question and Answers:

Q: Why don't you include an option to send the email once a week?
A: Please use the Weekly Digest add-on for that.

Q: Why is the Email Subscription link not showing in the footer.
A: This add-on is designed to work with the default style and many popular styles. Some custom styles may not work and will require a template edit.

Q: Where is the Admin link?
A: Click the Email Subscription link in the footer, the overlay shows an Admin link.

Q: Are emails sent if there are no new threads?
A: No.
  • A database table called xf_email_subscription is created.
Sending a donation:

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Thank you.
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    On Dec 31,2015 version 2.2 of this add-on was released to address an exploitable SQL injection...
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Latest reviews

I have a customized footer and the add-on didn't show up correctly. Andy personally contacted me and helped me correct it. He was polite, and friendly. Thank you so much, and the add-on is awesome!
Great Extension, just needs a Widget, because many people dont scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe
Andy's support is 2nd to none. When I ran across an issue he helped out with some helpful information, even a possible patch/work-around. And it turned out the problem is not with the plugin, which has been working fine. (Something else is causing the issue I had). Great plugin with good support.
Sometimes I think Andy Can read my mind and see what I need in my forum! Yet another must have and great add-on. Thanks.
Brilliant and extremely useful add-on if you want to keep your users up to date daily with new threads on forum. Simple and effective like many other Andy's add-ons. Thanks!
Good work Andy! This is a great addon which will allow forum members and non-members to get a daily digest of new topics sent to them by email. Thanks!
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