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Unmaintained [dc] Smiley Manager 1.1.0

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Awesome job.
I can finally sort my smilies, yeah!!!
Very Useful. Thanks a lot.
Love it! Been waiting a long time for this one.
Great addon, great integration. Thank you!
Thank you! Useful feature.
very usefull
Very nice and unexpected update so soon. Great support,and an excellent resource. :bigthumbsup:
Another wonderful release.
Very good!
A stable release. THANK YOU ! ! ! ! ! !
Works great! You need to uninstall The Happy Place btw or it will show two smilie tabs.
Amazing work, works as described and features are truly excellent an add-on XF needed. Thankyou :)
Great Addon, very easy to handle. Should be a core-feature!
Great !
Awesome! Loved it
Great mate, useffull, thanks.
very useful