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Unmaintained [dc] Smiley Manager 1.1.0

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Smiley manager will help you manage your smilies by grouping them into categories.

Main Features:
  • Add smiley categories
  • Add a smiley drop-down at the bottom of the editor
  • Add Display order to smiley
  • Download & Upzip
  • Upload all files and folders in upload folder to forum root
  • Import XML File
  • Your existing smilies are categorized by a special category named Uncategoriezed.
  • There are two arrows which will show up when hover in the smiley drop-down. You can choose to go to next or previous category.
  • Option to enable/disable automatic category scrolling (Can be found in [dc] Smiley Manager in the style properties).
  • Option to set the height of the smiley drop-down (Can be found in [dc] Smiley Manager in the style properties).
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  1. [dc] Smiley Manager 1.1.0

    - Fix the issue with plain text editor. - Made minor change to improve loading time when opening...

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I can finally sort my smilies, yeah!!!
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Very nice and unexpected update so soon. Great support,and an excellent resource. :bigthumbsup:
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