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Update highlights

After a long beta / RC process, we're proud to present the Gold version of DragonByte Credits v6.1.0 🎉 This means that this version is now considered stable enough to use on all forums.

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs and provided feedback during the Beta process, the mod wouldn't be as stable without your help and support.

This version makes a minor change to associate alerts with the add-on, meaning no ghost notifications should you ever disable the add-on while alerts are active.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Ensure alerts are tied to addon ID
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Update highlights

This version updates the Approval Queue template for transactions to match the new XF 2.1 style. Furthermore, it fixes an issue where it was possible for a charge purchase (buying access to hidden content) to produce a server error.

Complete Change Log

Change: Updated Approval Queue template for Transactions
Fix: Prevent duplicate key exception when inserting a charge purchase
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Update highlights

This version features mostly behind-the-scenes changes aimed at improving performance and reliability when deleting events and currencies.

Previously, transactions would be deleted right away, which did not work if you had tens of thousands of transactions (or more!) for any given event / currency. Transactions are now deleted using a background task, which vastly improves reliability.

Out of the bug fixes, the most important fix is that the Daily, Paycheck, Interest and Taxation events would not trigger correctly if multiple currencies were defined. Instead, they would only trigger for the first currency in the list.

Complete Change Log

Change: Transactions are now deleted in the background when an event is deleted
Change: Transactions are now deleted in the background when a currency is deleted
Fix: The Purchase event trigger would not correctly log the real-world cost of the purchase in its helper log table
Fix: Fix a missing landing page after purchasing credits
Fix: Daily, Paycheck, Interest and Taxation events would not trigger correctly if multiple currencies were defined
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Update highlights

This version contains a number of bug fixes reported during the beta period, as well as a few major features and changes.

There are two major features in this update: Smart event negation and Event transaction moderation.

Smart event negation: In previous versions, you had to configure both the "Amount" and "Negation amount" settings for each events. If you did not do this, users could gain infinite credits by simply editing their posts over and over again. While the negation amount worked for the majority of users, it did not work if you made use of the "Random addition" feature.

In this version, you can optionally enable "Smart event negation" which will delete the previous transaction rather than inserting a new transaction when negating an event (such as deleting a post). This means your members will lose the exact amount of credits they earned (including random additions), and will no longer see multiple alerts when editing their posts. The transaction log will also no longer be cluttered with strike-through events.

This feature is still experimental, as I can't be sure if it works in every scenario. Furthermore, in order to take advantage of this feature, you have to set the "Negation amount" settings in your events back to 0 (so as to not disable a feature where negating an event would take away a different amount of credits).

The feature also doesn't work with all event triggers. A complete list is not available at this time.

Event transaction moderation: You can now optionally moderate each and every transaction for any given event. This is particularly useful if you have, for instance, a Redeem event that's supposed to be secret but you suspect the code has been shared. Events will appear in the Approval Queue where moderators with the appropriate permission will be able to approve or reject it.

Other changes and fixes can be found in the change log.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Smart event negation (beta)
Feature: Event transaction moderation
Feature: AdminCP transaction list / transaction view now displays the transaction state
Change: Editing posts will no longer produce an alert
Change: Rework the way Interest, Paycheck and Taxation events are applied in an attempt to reduce race conditions where events would apply into the future
Change: AdminCP transaction list now hides "Skipped" and "Skipped (maximum applications)" by default
Change: Renamed the Credits alert content types for consistency
Change: Number boxes in the AdminCP now use the XF spinbox style
Fix: It was not possible to select "both users" for the Taxation setting for certain events
Fix: The taxation feature did not function as described in the explanation text
Fix: Transaction messages would not respect the forum's censoring
Fix: Resolved a server error when limiting the Trophy event
Fix: Ensure thread owners won't trigger their own Reply events
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Update highlights

This version refines the navbar integration by adding FontAwesome icons for menu entries when positioned in the right-side menu, as well as adding the ability to disable the text. Lastly, the HTML has been updated to better blend in with other right-side navbar items.

This has been tested on a limited number of custom skins. If you encounter any problems with the right-side menu after installing this update, please report it to the developer of your custom skin and ask them to get in touch with us to notify us of any changes we need to make.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Added FontAwesome icons for right-side menu entries
Feature: Added ability to disable the navbar text for right-side menu entries
Change: Updated the style of right-side menu entries to better fit into the surrounding entries
Update highlights

This update contains a few bug fixes for race conditions that could occur.

Most importantly, it fixes issues pertaining to the extra logging found when someone purchases credits for real money.

This update also fixes an issue where it was possible to crash the front-end by integrating the navbar tab with DragonByte Shop but the viewing user did not have permission to see the Shop tab.

Complete Change Log

Change: Switch various "delete" actions to use XF 2.1's deletion plugin
Fix: Fix issue where transaction log search in the AdminCP would always return no results
Fix: The "Filter" drop-down will no longer produce a server error if no valid events were found
Fix: Fix an issue with the Purchase Transaction table that could lead to server errors
Fix: Prevent server error when integrating with Shop but the Shop navigation is missing
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Update highlights

This version adds a frequently requested (and much needed) feature; Rebuild transactions! This feature can be accessed via the "Rebuild caches" page in XenForo.

The following event triggers can be rebuilt:
  • Adjust
  • Donate
  • Message (Conversation)
  • Poll
  • Post
  • Punish (Warning)
  • Purchase
  • React
  • Reacted
  • Redeem
  • Registration
  • Reply
  • Report
  • Reported
  • Sticky
  • Tag
  • Thread
  • Transfer
  • Upload
  • Visitor (ProfilePost)
  • Wall (ProfilePost received)
  • Warning (Warned)
  • XFMG/Comment
  • XFMG/Commented
  • XFMG/Rate
  • XFMG/Rated
  • XFMG/Upload
  • XFRM/Rate
  • XFRM/Rated
  • XFRM/Update
  • XFRM/Upload
The following event triggers can not be rebuilt in this version, but may be added to future versions:
  • Avatar
  • Birthday
  • Content (charge tag)
  • Follow
  • Followed
  • Paycheck
  • Trophy
  • Vote
The following event triggers are not planned to be rebuildable:
  • Daily
  • Interest
  • Like (defunct)
  • Liked (defunct)
  • Profile
  • Read
  • Revival
  • Taxation
  • View
  • Visit
The reason why these are not currently planned is that either the data to rebuild them does not exist, or it does not exist in a format that can be used to re-generate individual events with the correct date stamps.

You can choose to rebuild all, or one individual event trigger, as well as choose whether you wish to reset all transactions, and optionally all currencies to 0.
There is also a CLI tool for running the rebuild, if you have a very old forum you wish to rebuild.

With that out of the way, there's other changes in this version as well!

The following permissions can now be assigned to individual moderators:
  • Adjust currencies
  • View any transaction log entry
  • View unapproved transactions (unused)
  • Bypass "Charge" tags
  • Bypass currency privacy
Previously, these permissions were explicitly tied to user groups.

Speaking of permissions, internally, certain permissions have been renamed / permission groups changed in order to more closely follow XenForo standards. If you have made any customisations to templates or code, these may need to be reverted.

The "Richest User" widget will now only display users that have a user state of "valid" and is not banned.

Lastly, a fix to the "Transactions" list page was applied in which a "full table scan" could occur, causing a reduction in performance proportional to the number of transaction entries you had.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Rebuild transactions
Feature: Adjust, Donate, Redeem and Transfer events now have dedidcated log tables to aid in rebuilds
Feature: Add missing (unused) permission
Feature: Certain permissions are now available to assign to individual moderators as moderator permissions
Change: Internally rename some permissions to follow XF standards
Change: Ensure only valid users are displayed in the Richest Users widget
Fix: Fix an issue causing reduced performance on the Transactions page
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Update highlights

This version adds support for creating events based on reactions. Sorry it took so long!

Just like the XF1 version's integration with the "Post Rating" mod, you can choose to limit each event to any reaction (or multiple reactions), or allow the event regardless.

Complete Change Log

Feature: React / Reacted events
Update highlights

This is the first release that only supports XenForo 2.1, and fully supports the new v6.1.0 of Shop. If you are running DB Shop on XF 2.1, it's strongly recommended to also upgrade to this version.

This version contains some minor changes to fix XF 2.1 compatibility, as well as bringing an updated design to the various widgets. The widgets now contain the user's avatar, as well as being more suited for displaying longer user names.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Add donation reason to donation event alert / push message
Change: Updated widgets to feature avatars and a cleaner design
Fix: Fix events reverting incorrectly when an entity is saved multiple times in succession
Fix: Update FontAwesome icon for Charge tag to be compatible with XF 2.1 FontAwesome changes
Fix: Fixed Shop version number check in the installer
Update highlights


After a lengthy Beta period, this product has gone Gold 🎉

This version contains no changes from the previous version. Future updates will require XenForo 2.1.

If you want the full details on the v5.1.0 release, you can check it out here: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/dragonbyte-credits.339/release/1713/


Complete Change Log

No changes.
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