[cv6] Dice Roller

[cv6] Dice Roller 2.2.0

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  • Added: Support for CustomField Chooser: Entity Wireset
  • Implemented the node icon
  • Fixed bug: Check System Settings for max rolls
  • Fixed bug: Style settings for roll display (collapse)
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Fixed bug: In some situations the sum modifier did not work properly.
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- fixed bug with unrenewed dice cache during upgrade
  • optimized templates
  • small css fixes
  • fixed sum options
  • added die display type "Big" without background image
  • Fixed Bug if Wireset has no dice
  • enhanced Wireset Settings, to prevent to save a wireset without any die selected
  • prevent to roll a roll without a die
  • fixed bug with missing roll message
  • fixed wrong icon template
  • imroved wireset interface
  • Added better sum options for wiresets.
  • Bug Fixed: Wireset Tag allows non character characters (enhanced all entities) - Modified during Update if needed.
  • fixed Access Level for entity/post/_postSave()
  • fixed some phrases
  • fixed some minor bugs
  • Removed a unwanted label
  • Moved three import XML to the folder src/addons/cv6/import/
  • fixed a classidentifier
Added missing phrases
Added Sample Import XML Files
  • Install will run on lower DB Versions (removed default from BLOB)
  • fixed permissions
New Features:
  • added InlineMod function to delete/undelete all rolls from a thread
  • new permission for InlineMod