[cv6] Dice Roller

[cv6] Dice Roller 2.4.0 Release Candidate

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Where do I find sample import files?

They are located in the folder /src/addons/cv6/DiceRoller/import or you can download a ZIP File here.

Can I chage the layout on a per die base?

Yes,. At every die a class is added which you can use for style them more invidually.
The class you need is die-tag--yourtag.
E.G. if you wan to have the plus sign on a Fate die in a bigger font use this in your extra.css:

.bbCodeBlock--diceroll .bbCodeBlock--dice .bbCodeBlock--roll .die.die-tag--fate {
    padding-top: 0;
    font-size: 70px;

How can I import the data from Xon's Dice Roller?
Just install this AddOn, before uninstalling the other one. Its detecting that data to import is avaiable and will display a message on many list pages and adds a button on the tools page.

You can choose to create dice and wiresets upfront, or let the importe do it for you.

The import is only based on the amout of sides which are entered in the other addOn. Every sides are combined to one die. You can import as often as you want. the rolls are not marked.

If the import did not results in what you expected, you can just delete all rolls with the roll overview and restart with different settings.

If you imported all, it is save to uninstall the other AddOn.