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  2. X

    Dice Roller 2.0.4

    Adds a basic dice roller. Users can not edit dice once they have been added to a post, while moderators can remove all dice on a post. Displays dice under post Edit post to add dice, users can not edit existing dice. Moderators can delete all dice on a post. Moderator log support...
  3. Shinka

    Unmaintained [Shinka] Thread Log 1.0.0 Beta 4

    View a user's active threads, closed threads, and threads in need of reply on their profile page. Features AJAX filtering. Installation Download the latest stable release Extract the zip Copy the contents of the upload folder to the root of your Xenforo installation Install and activate the...
  4. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Credits 1.0.13

    [TH] Credits: Core - The ultimate digital currency add-on Description This add-on incorporates into your board a credits system that supports multiple currencies, 20+ events (more to come!), an awesome dashboard to monitor all transactions and events, integration with PayPal, supports...