1. Hoffi

    Unmaintained [cv6] Dice Roller 2.4.0 Release Candidate

    Introduction Dice Manager for XenForo 2.2. If you still have the data from my DiceRoller from XF 1 in your Database, it will be upgrading all the stuff. What you can do with this AddOn: Create multiple dice. Not only Numbers, you also can create dice with letters, numbers or - if you...
  2. X

    Dice Roller 2.2.2

    Adds a basic dice roller. Users can not edit dice once they have been added to a post, while moderators can remove all dice on a post. Displays dice under post Edit post to add dice, users can not edit existing dice. Moderators can delete all dice on a post. Moderator log support...
  3. Hoffi

    Unmaintained [h] Roll Dice RC2

    This Dice Manager from Hoffi is an awesome Tool, which is used to roll Dice. In the AdminCP the Admin can add and edit dice, rules and wiresets (RPG Systems like D&D) with easy and complex rules. All can be ex- and imported. You can do much more, than roll a simmple d10 inside a post. You can...
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