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Unmaintained Custom BB Code Manager v1.3.4

No permission to download
Amazing add on, allows us to use MathJax tags on our forum :)
a very useful add-on! thanks!!
Thanks. But I want to note that the archive contains a lot of useless .DS_Store files. Please remove them from the archive next time.
.DS_Store files are created by Mac OS X upon creation of the ZIP file in every directory. They may be ignored without consequence upon anyones part.
A great addon !
This is a must have for us, and we're extremely happy with the ease of use and coding of this mod! Keep up the great work!
Heck yeah I've been waiting for this template edit to show on bbcode help page, thanks Brogan and thanks King for making this addon
An excellent add-on for adding your own BB Codes; works as expected and is supported well here with a large contribution of additional media sources.
Works very well :) It is very easy to do custom bb code :) Thanks !
Seriously who doesn't like bbcodes...they give your users a more involved feeling and they just have a cool factor...then there are the bbcodes you can't live without.

This addon allows you to implement pretty much anything you can think of as far as embedding goes (+ more) and also allow you to import/export bbcodes making sharing easy.

It is put together great and I have not had an issue with it since day one. This addon is a must have in my opinion. Do yourself a favor and download this.
Must have for any community.
Very well coded & integrated, Supported, and as Brogan mentioned, an invaluable add-on for any forum. Can see this being CORE.
Amazing addon, I missed this functionality from VB and it's nice to have it.
An invaluable add-on for any forum.