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A collection of BB Codes which allow you to create simple tables.

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The [CONTAINER] BB Code is for wrapping large tables in so they don't break out of the parent div on narrow widths.

Each BB Code has a custom CSS class, allowing them to be styled to suit.
Those classes are defined in the cta_bbcode.css template, allowing styling to be inherited from the colour palette and applied individually per style.
The template can be edited directly or EXTRA.css can be used.

Note that the table code must be one unbroken string.

[TABLE][TR][TH]This is a header cell[/TH][TH]This is a header cell[/TH][/TR][TR1][TD]This is a left aligned cell[/TD][TD1]This is a centre aligned cell[/TD1][/TR1][TR2][TD2]This is a right aligned cell[/TD2][TD]Left aligned[/TD][/TR2][TR1][TD1]Centre aligned[/TD1][TD2]Right aligned[/TD2][/TR1][/TABLE]

[TR][TH]This is a header cell[/TH][TH]This is a header cell[/TH][/TR]
[TR1][TD]This is a left aligned cell[/TD][TD1]This is a centre aligned cell[/TD1][/TR1]
[TR2][TD2]This is a right aligned cell[/TD2][TD]Left aligned[/TD][/TR2]
[TR1][TD1]Centre aligned[/TD1][TD2]Right aligned[/TD2][/TR1]

This is how a table appears in a post on the default style.

You can see it in use here: Fantasy F1 League 2010 - Standings

How To Install
1. Download and unzip
2. Import the .xml like any other add-on (not via the Import Custom BB Codes option)
3. Add this line to the top of EXTRA.css: <xen:include template="cta_bbcode.css" />

Latest updates

  1. Added row hover CSS

    Rows now highlight on hover. Demo here: http://cliptheapex.com/help/bb-codes
  2. Now uses a custom CSS template and the colour palette

    Updated to use a custom CSS template, allowing styling to be inherited from the colour palette...

Latest reviews

Works exactly as described and is exactly what we needed for our forum. Thanks very much, Brogan - it's a simple solution but goes a long way!
Nice Addon, wished it has a button for WYSIWYG. Because some Users are not familiar with HTML Syntax ^^
There are more complex implementations of this available on XF, but here is a case (in this reviewer's opinion) in which simplicity is absolutely the way to go. Brogan has solved a simple problem with a graceful solution, installation couldn't be easier (no uploads), and you're up and running in moments. Bravo.
Simple, clean, effective. No hassle. Got it to work in 2 minutes. Does what it says. This should ideally be in the core. Works like a charm! Thank you Brogan!
Thanks a lot! It works flawlessly. It doesn't need much configuration as it's already working well. Really, thanks a lot! I've always thought about getting such add-on, but I haven't found one as simple as this, well, until I found this one.
Once again, Brogan steps in to make things simpler and easier for us!

We required a very simple solution to organize content into tables, and this simple collection of BBCodes helped us achieve that. Nothing too fancy - but you have complete control over it and can also customize the look to add in your own touch for the content.

We use tabled content for information regarding character names/data that requires to be organized as a table (Example: http://orojackson.com/threads/kingdom-character-names.3324/) and it suites our needs perfectly.
This add on is easy to install and use, It works as it should. I think this should be added to the next update, I personally find tables allow increased ability to organize and share information when compared to lists.
Works like a charm! only had an issue (did not know you had to make a table in an unbroken strings >.<) But besides that it is all working fine! Easy install. nothing hard. It even works in the wiki (Xencarta), I use it to display some information on my wiki!
Works good, need a little twitch wit the line breakers... other than that should be core to the system!!!
With help of @borgan I managed to work it and thats it...

You could use this site http://theenemy.dk/table/
to copy-paste from a word document and just paste the conversion to the forum, remember erasing any line breaks before submitting.
Good luck!
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