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Unmaintained Copy posts and threads to [Nobita] Social Groups 1.0.5

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  4. 1.5
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PLEASE BEWARE!!! This addon is unmaintained, no support is offered with this any longer.


As you may know, one of the best (or maybe the best!) Social Group add-on for xenforo is developed by @Nobita.Kun . (Here you can see it)
It has tons of awesome features that will attract all users of any board to be more active. (For more information about it, just read the description in its resource page)

But what CopyPostToGroup add-on does? with this add-on, you can easily copy any post in your board, or all the posts in a thread, to each group's wall you want. With ability to choose if you want to automatically add posters as the member of that group or not:
copy1.png copy2.png copy3.png

So, the Features:
  • Copy each post to each group's wall.
  • Copy all posts of a thread at once, to each group's wall.
  • Automatically Add/not-add posters as the member of group, per copy
  • attachments will also be copied to group (so, then if you delete the original post, then the post in group will be OK and its attachments will remain. Because they are all copied)
  • Post will be copied with their original post date. (so, the order will be kept)
This add-on is checked and worked as it must. We copied a thread that had +1000 posts in it. +50 % of its posts had attachments. Post were copied with their attachments and their posters were added as the member of group automatically. In less than 1 minute.

Hope you enjoy this free add-on on add-on ;).
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