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Copy posts and threads to [Nobita] Social Groups 1.0.5

Easily copy each post or all posts of a thread to [Nobita] Social Groups just with one click

  1. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Well-Known Member

    Dadparvar submitted a new resource:

    Copy posts and threads to [Nobita] Social Groups - Easily copy each post or all posts of a thread to [Nobita] Social Groups just with one click

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  2. Freelancer

    Freelancer Well-Known Member

    Great addition. Should be part of the original add-on.

    Inquiry / Suggestion: The meta control link that is now added in every post named "copy to group" makes much more sense on the inline-moderation menu... Then I can use the check boxes and select multiple posts and copy them to a group. Now I can either copy the entire thread via thread tools or single posts – but not a "number of" posts.

    Beside that, the "copy to group" link misses the ".item.control" classes of the XF default meta controls.

    In template "CopyPost_tool_links" it should read
    <a href="{xen:link threads/clone-posts, $thread, 'post_id={$post.post_id}'}" class="OverlayTrigger item control copy"><span></span>{xen:phrase CopyPost_copy_to_group}</a>
    I added "copy" as class like "warn", "report" etc to have the chance to integrate this into UI.X framework with icons.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2016
  3. Freelancer

    Freelancer Well-Known Member

    When using "thread tools" the overlay modal shows "Copy Post to Group" while I think this is meant as to copy the entire thread, right?

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-14 um 14.55.25.jpg
  4. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Well-Known Member

    Yup. When using that button, then it will copy all posts of the thread at once (of course separately).

    About the suggestion, I'll take a look at it. I'll try to get it added in next version.
    Freelancer likes this.
  5. Freelancer

    Freelancer Well-Known Member

    I would appreciate that. Thanks.
  6. Sam F

    Sam F Active Member

    can it copy posts to another forum on your forum?
  7. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Well-Known Member

    Its just for @Nobita.Kun 's Social Group add-on.
    Sam F likes this.

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