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Unmaintained Conversation Essentials 1.14.1

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What's New
  • Converted all the last read privacy options to permissions so that they can be set for individual users or user groups.


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Fixed a bug with the max inbox (message) limit permission.
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  • Fixing a corrupt file.
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  • Fixes a security issue that allows people to edit prefixes that aren't theirs.
  • Fixed a security issue that allowed users to delete prefixes that weren't theirs.
  • Fixed an issue with the new post ratings integration xml
  • Ability to copy conversation messages to a thread.
    • Requires a user permission
    • All posts that are being created go into the moderation queue (prevents abuse and revealing personal details)
  • If you use the Post Ratings add-on, upload the compatibility zip if you haven't already manually changed the execution order of the template modifications.
What's New:
  • Compatibility fix for the post-ratings add-ons (likes summary was not being displayed in conversations when a like was given).
  • New Permission for maximum number of messages a user can have. Thanks to @empire for sponsoring the development of this feature.
    • There's a new permission, set to unlimited by default, it works similar to the maximum conversations permission but checks for messages instead.
    • When you leave a conversation, it frees up space.
    • If you have limits for both # of conversations and # of messages, the indicator that shows how close a user is will choose whichever percentage is higher.
    • There are ways to exceed the limit set, this is to avoid a poor experience for other users that are apart of an existing conversation with the user.
      • If a user leaves a conversation to get more space, and then there's a new message in that conversation, it could push them past their limit.
      • If a user gets a new message in an existing chat, it could push them over their limit.
      • Basically anything that isn't starting a new conversation, also they won't be able to respond to existing conversations until they clear space.
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Sadly, we had to remove the ability to delete messages. It, in some situations, causes a lot of problems so it has been removed. I'm not sure if we'll see this feature until XenForo 2.0. Sorry everyone that was looking forward to it.
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What's New?
  • Prune conversations that haven't had a reply in x days. (Runs on a cron every day, you can set it to 0 to disable the feature).
  • User group permission to delete conversation messages (not able to delete the first message in the conversation and will not un-send the email notification to the conversation participants).
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  • Phrase Created: "convess_message_group"
  • Template Modified: "convess_group_item"
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