CLI Cache Rebuilds

CLI Cache Rebuilds 1.0

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  2. 1.5
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This is a set of tools which allows for the rebuilding of XenForo caches from the command line, these have usually been reserved for my big board import customers (for threads and search), however recently have been expanded to include all default rebuilds and am now releasing these publicly.

Importantly and specifically, it avoids using the deferred system, so other actions which trigger the deferred system from the web will not interfere with the rebuilds.

Usage: Upload the cli folder to your XenForo root, then run CLIRebuilds.php from the command line. (Note, when running "All" at the Search Step the rebuilder will stop and await user input).

2015-12-25 21_09_30-root@pg2mysql__usr_local_lsws_DEFAULT_html_cli.webp

2015-12-25 21_10_44-root@pg2mysql__usr_local_lsws_DEFAULT_html_cli.webp

Addon caches: Adding an addon is as simple as passing the deferred array to the init_rebuilder.

Simply create a new file, include the init_rebuilder, the array and then run the task using the cliDeferredTask.

include_once dirname(__FILE__).'/init_rebuilder.php';

    'execute_data'=> array(
            'batch' => 200,
            'position' => 0

If an addon author would like to create and send me a file to add in for their addon, I will be happy to do so once point 2 below is done.

Whilst these tools are provided for free currently, donations are welcomed to continue further enhancements such as:
  • Parallel rebuilds
  • Auto-addon detection and optioning
  • The abibility to set batch size at run time, rather than hard coded
Please message me if you wish to make a donation.
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