CK editor/Redactor in XenForo admin panel

Unmaintained CK editor/Redactor in XenForo admin panel 1.4.2

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Thank you so much for this works like a charm! Editing pages with this is really easy and nice do! I made a few nice pages thanks to this resource and they look good!
So far I had only made pages that use custom PHP classes to generate the page, and had never needed to edit a pure HTML page until today. I *can* write the page in that little plain textbox, but really didn't want to bother.

I just tried out this plugin, and so far I really love it. Thanks a ton!
Outstanding, looking forward to a frontent version of this. Two thumbs up!
Thank you! Just what I needed. I'm hoping to see a front end version myself. Ck just looks gorgeous on xenForo
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