Change Content Owner

Change Content Owner 2.0.10

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  • Fix: Call to undefined method getNewTimestamp (#57)
  • Fix: Undefined index exception thrown when using inline moderation and invalid date is set (#52)
  • Fix: In-line moderation does not respect thread date rules (#53)
  • Change: Removed permission check if the user has permission to change owner or date from services (#54)
  • Change: Set event hint for post add-on install code event listener (#55)
  • Fix: Time interval is applied on first content (#49)
  • Misc: Tweaked how time interval is applied for better control extending
  • Fix: Moderator log action length can be higher than 25 characters (#47)
    • On upgrade: Will make an attempt to rename actions to new format.
  • Fix: News feed event date does not update for the expected action (#44)
    • On upgrade: Will make an attempt to fix wrong event date for likes/reactions and insert events.
- Fix: Bulk updating can cause duplicate primary key exception (#41)
- Fix: User posts table is not updated on changing owner (#38)
  • Fix: Content count value will be out of sync (#35)
  • Fix: Posts count for user is increased twice (#33)
  • Fix: Does not respect "Count messages posted in this forum towards user total" (#32)

Note: It is advised to run "Rebuild threads" with "Rebuild position and post counters" checked from Admin CP > Tools > Rebuild caches for small forums. If you this add-on a big forum, you'll be required to run the following command:

php <path to xenforo installation>/cmd.php xf-rebuild:threads --position_rebuild
  • Fixed: Moderator log is generated even without owner or date changes (#28)
  • Fixed: Moderator actions are logged twice (#29)
  • Fixed: Time bumping not being logged if nothing else was changed
  • Fixed: Added missing moderator log phrases #30
  • Removed: Old 1.x moderator log phrases that are no longer used (#31)
  • On upgrade:
    • Will make an attempt to delete moderator logs that do not have any valid information
  • Fixed: Editor service trait doesn't return validation errors as it should