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  1. D

    XF 2.0 Install own node icon

    I'd like to change the node icon, but i can't find where and how to do that. I dd find the place to change the color, but not the icon itself. Thanks.
  2. batpool52!

    Beta Change Content Owner 1.0.0 Alpha 4

    Screenshots Permission Changes XenForo: Can change thread Can change post author Can change profile post author XenForo Media Gallery: Can change media owner Can change album owner Can change comment author Feature requests I'm open to both feature requests or any suggestions.
  3. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Username Change 2.0.9

    This add-on allows the user to change their username. You can set a day number between each change. The user can make his change private so as not to show it to the other users. You can delete the change history. User "test"
  4. W

    XF 1.5 Will changing the main domain, affects the forums?

    Hi, I want to change the main domain of my hosting, which will go from a .org to a .com (same base name). I already have both domains associatted to my account. Will that affect the forum in any way? thanks,
  5. dondomainer

    XF 1.5 How move to the right of the menu the help link.

    Hi, plz, i try to move the help link at the end of the menu. I try on navigation template, but profit not recognize anything about helplink. <!-- extra tabs: end --> <xen:if is="{$extraTabs.end}"> <xen:foreach loop="$extraTabs.end" key="$extraTabId" value="$extraTab">...

    Properly change username via script?

    I know it's possible to just update the username column in xf_user table, but doing it this way wont update any of the username references in the other tables, such as "last_post_username" in xf_thread. The only way to change the username properly in all database tables is to do it by editing...
  7. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to change a Forum to Category

    Hi, I have this structure in my forum: Category1 -Forum1 --Sub-Forum1 --Sub-Forum2 -Forum2 --Sub-Forum1 --Sub-Forum2 ... Now, I want to change Forum1 and Forum2 to Category and Sub-Forums to Forums. So, the result will be: Category1 -Category1 --Forum1 --Forum2 -Category2 --Forum1 --Forum2 ...
  8. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 Problem with changing the name of prefixes

    Hi, All my forum content is moved from my vbullein to my xenforo. And I had some prefixes in my vb and many of threads were using them and are using now too. But when I want to change the name of those prefixes that came from my vb, it doesn't change. But when I create new prefix, and change...
  9. Y

    XF 1.4 How to react to a spammer who change ip ?

    Hi, How to react to a spammer who change ip, for flood XenForo forums ? Ban IP is not efficiency because this user change ip and create multiple accounts (possibly with dynamic ip ? or vpn, proxy, etc.) Currently someone fun to remake itself accounts for us spammer. Do you have a solution...