XF 2.0 Install own node icon

I'd like to change the node icon, but i can't find where and how to do that.

I dd find the place to change the color, but not the icon itself.


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Most of the iconography throughout the UI is from Font Awesome (we use version 4.7) so you can find various alternative icons that can be used. You'll likely need some custom CSS to change things.

A few threads which may help:

There's an example here in case you want to replace the icon with an image:

Most of these customisations will need you to edit the special "extra.less" template which is reserved for user customisation. You can find that template under Appearance > Search templates and search for "extra.less".

There's also a few add-ons which may help make the customisations easier. You can find them listed here: