Change Content Owner or Date

Change Content Owner or Date 2.0.15

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  • Fix: Slow upgrade query causes timeouts on large boards (#92)
Thanks @duderuud for testing out the queries for me.
  • Fix: Time interval does not apply correctly (#75)
  • Fix: Changing post date does not rebuild last post info on thread/forum (#84)
  • Fix: Changing profile post comment date does not rebuild first comment, last comment infos and latest comment ids on profile post (#85)
  • Fix: Changing thread date does not rebuild last post info on forum (#86)
  • Fix: Changing media/album comment does not rebuild last comment info on media/album (#87)
On upgrade: Will attempt to rebuild last post info for both thread and forum, first and last profile post comment date with the latest comment ids for profile posts and last comment date for media items and albums.
  • Change: Drop PHP Calendar extension requirement (#79) - Thanks to @Kirby
  • Change: Update add-on title and description to be more accurate with what the add-on does now
  • Fix: Rebuild jobs on upgrade are not behind the scenes (#81)
  • Fix: Unable to install on XenForo 2.0 (#66)
  • Fix: When changing content owner attachment owner is not updated (#61)
    • On upgrade: Will make an attempt to rebuild attachment owners
  • Fix: Call to undefined method getNewTimestamp (#57)
  • Fix: Undefined index exception thrown when using inline moderation and invalid date is set (#52)
  • Fix: In-line moderation does not respect thread date rules (#53)
  • Change: Removed permission check if the user has permission to change owner or date from services (#54)
  • Change: Set event hint for post add-on install code event listener (#55)
  • Fix: Time interval is applied on first content (#49)
  • Misc: Tweaked how time interval is applied for better control extending
  • Fix: Moderator log action length can be higher than 25 characters (#47)
    • On upgrade: Will make an attempt to rename actions to new format.
  • Fix: News feed event date does not update for the expected action (#44)
    • On upgrade: Will make an attempt to fix wrong event date for likes/reactions and insert events.
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