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Unmaintained Book Reviews 1.0.1

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This add-on is no longer supported but remains available for download for those who wish to use it unsupported. This will be returning soon.
This add on gives you a new site area for book reviews.

  • Fully permissions based: Control who can see the book reviews area, who can add/edit/delete books and who can add/edit/delete reviews.
  • Integrates with Amazon for purchasing. Admin can specify the Amazon domain and Associates tag.
  • Ability to hide / show a book reviews tab (useful for populating the book reviews area before making it live)
  • Ability to mark book priority as high, normal, low. Default ordering sorts books for display on the front end by priority, ranking.
  • Ability to toggle the display of low priority books (eg, at certain times of year)
  • Specify number of books per page.
  • Option to display number of review count in user infos on messages - the count links to:-
  • Reviews by X - see all reviews for X user
  • Latest reviews - see all latest reviews
  • Ability for users to like a review and generate an alert.
  • Dual purchase links geerated for book listings for the regular book and also kindle version if appropriate.
  • Ability to to specify a purchase URL to over-ride amazon purchasing
  • Fully Phrased
Many more features.
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5.00 star(s) 8 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0.1 released

    Performance improvements: Phrases for tab title and book types now cached to reduce database...
  2. Version 1.0.0 released

    Initial release.

Latest reviews

Very nice Addon ;)
# 1 addon
Wow! This modificaiton is GREAT! Does exactly what it says it does and will be a wonderful addition to my poetry forum. Thanks so much!
A very nice start to what I hope becomes a really refined add-on. Excellent work.
Great add-on, very well done Waindigo and Rob
This is a great addon, thank you so much. :)
Excellent ..
This mod is fabulous beyond words! :)