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Unmaintained Breathing Sign Up Button

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  1. Typo fixed

    There was a small typo (a ; missing). Simply copy and paste the code again into EXTRA.css.

Latest reviews

Looks great on the site. Turned the code to a light orange, and looks splendid on my forum.
Just looks brilliant. Catches the eye and guests can't fail to notice the sign up button, now!
Just added it to my site and it looks absolutely awesome.
Looks awesome, should get more sign ups.
Wonder if I can do the same for "New thread" to encourage them to post more.
You probably can :)
Amazing thank you
Nice visual tweak to make the login/sign up button stand out more!
Works perfectly. Awesome little addition.
Thank you! This is useful, i suppose.
This is just, cool. Draws out perfectly for something I have planned in the future. Thank you, Azhria Lilu :-)
great addition, thanks for sharing it Lee :)
You're welcome, Brandon :)