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An Identicon is a visual representation of a hash value, usually of an IP address, that serves to identify a user of a computer system as a form of avatar while protecting the users' privacy. The original Identicon was a 9-block graphic, and the representation has been extended to other graphic forms by third parties. - Wikipedia

This add-on has not been tested with any other avatar modifications. If you run into any issues, please try to explain the problem you're having as best as you can.

Currently supports four types of generated avatars: identicon, monsters, super creepy faces, retro, and (robots lovingly delivered by) RoboHash.



  1. Upload files/directories underneath "upload" to your XenForo's root.
  2. Import the add-on XML using the add-on importer in your Admin CP.
  1. Go to "Options -> User Options" and select the type of Identicon that you want to use.
Note: This add-on overrides and replaces some core functionality. It may conflict with other avatar-related add-ons.


To support this add-on, and the continued development of other add-ons, please consider becoming a patron! :love:
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Latest updates

  1. Fix for unique key error

    Provides a fix for the popular unique_key error that surfaced with a newer version of XenForo...
  2. Force HTTPS for RoboHash

    Ought to stop those pesky certificate errors.
  3. Added support for RoboHash

    You can now select RoboHash as one of the Identicon options.

Latest reviews

Also works on 1.5.11, i went with the faces but all look great. Many thanks for your work this is a very nice addon.
It'w working in Xenforo 1.5.0 too. Was looking for such a plugin for months, thanks for that. Unfortunately there isn't a "clean look" for autogenerated avatars, only "too much colors" and "funny looks".
A fun way of adding a bit of fun to threads instead of using the generic default avatars.
A simple but awesome add-on! Really useful.
Great addon, thanks!
Great add-on! Thank you!
I can't believe this isn't in stock xenforo. This is a really simple but needed addon. Only improvement would be to have the option to store the avatars locally.
Love it. Everyone now has an avatar. :)
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