1. Frode789

    XF 2.2 Disable Gravatar?

    How can I disable the option to use Gravatar for my users? I only want them to use custom or from my avatar gallery.. I could swear I saw this under User Registration, but it isn't there anymore.
  2. PaulB

    Fixed htmlspecialchars corrupts avatar URLs

    Searching for a user results in a dropdown in several places (/members/, @-tags, /admin.php?users/). This results in a JSON response, in the form: { "results": [ { "avatar": "...", "username": "..." }, ... ] } Both the avatar and username...
  3. Alpha1

    XF 1.5 Does gravatar import cost significant time for big board import?

    When importing users you can activate the option to import avatars from Gravatar. I will not use the Gravatar service at all, but would like to import as many avatars as possible. Even from Gravatar if possible. I have some questions regarding import of gravatars when importing users: What...
  4. Amaury

    As designed Gravatar Avatars Display as 200 by 200 Regardless of Size

    I realize this may be an "issue" on Gravatar's side, but the last and only other time I reported a Gravatar issue, it actually turned out to be something on XenForo's side, so we'll see with this. :) Here's the file for my current avatar: The dimensions are 108 by 113. However, it seems that...
  5. DeltaHawk5

    XF 1.5 Set Gravatar Globally

    Is there a quick SQL query or adminCP option that would allow me to automatically pull and set gravatars for all users who have a gravatar account? I've tried using the search function, but everyone seems to want this feature disabled...
  6. Iversia

    Unmaintained Avatar Identicon by Iversia 1.2.2

    This add-on has not been tested with any other avatar modifications. If you run into any issues, please try to explain the problem you're having as best as you can. Currently supports four types of generated avatars: identicon, monsters, super creepy faces, retro, and (robots lovingly delivered...
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