Resources by Iversia

FAQ Manager by Iversia Iversia
Unmaintained FAQ Manager by Iversia 3.2.0
Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledge Base management.
Avatar Identicon by Iversia Iversia
Unmaintained Avatar Identicon by Iversia 1.2.2
Replaces XenForo's default avatars with Gravatar's Identicons or RoboHash
Send reported content into moderation queue if it has reached the report threshold.
Gender as a Text Field Iversia
Unmaintained Gender as a Text Field 1.1.2
Replaces XenForo's gendered radio buttons with a plain text field.
Unmaintained Make Node Icons Clickable 1.0.0
Allow visitors to click on node icons.
Navigation Entire Link Trigger Popup Iversia
Removes drop down arrows and makes entire top navigation link hoverable.
Crowdfunding BB Code Media Pack Iversia
Unmaintained Crowdfunding BB Code Media Pack 2.0.0
Allow users to promote Kickstarter, Indiegogo campaigns, and more.
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