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AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 2.3.0

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Note: This version is only compatible with XF 2.3...

XF2.3 compatibility update, which brings the same features as the old one but adapted to fit style changes in XF2.3

Some notes:
  • Due to the new CSS variations in use, the inlined CSS is slightly larger than before ( ~10kB), which might cause problems on some pages that render many elements with custom styling.
  • XF2.3 changed how the header/logo is rendered, so it might be good to check that the logo renders okay in AMP mode.
  • This is the initial XF2.3 compatibility release, which might have some minor styling problems. If anything is found, please open a support ticket on
  • Added options for tracking users with Google Analytics 4
  • Optimized logo loading by adding the data-hero attribute that makes caches speed up the loading.
  • Added LCP section and option to not render avatars in the forum/node-views (since they are not visible on smaller devices anyway)
As explained in

With this update, the add-on strips out the non-validating <template> part so that forums using the advanced cookie don't get non-valid AMP pages where e.g. youtube videos are placed..

Once the advanced cookie is "out of beta" we will add similar functionality to the add-on that is aligned with XF's cookie functionality.
Fix that makes the Templater class correctly support both XF2.1 and XF2.2, so that It doesn't raise errors when used together with the Cloudflare add-on

Big shout out to @digitalpoint for the pointers :) 👍

This version also includes a small fix from Patch Level 1 (which we forgot to release 🙈 ) where a merged thread's AMP page wouldn't redirect to the AMP page of the "new target"
Fixed a bug where Xenforo cloud customers' validation tokens would not be accepted.
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It seems with the release of XF2.2.12 the new advanced cookie consent was rekease (Note: It is still considered beta). You can see example screenshot from suggestion thread here

Anyway, if you enable the new Advanced cookie consent, pages that have e.g. Youtube embeds will likely complain to not be valid AMP pages, as there currently is no handling for the template-code that is inserted to support lazy-loading embeds... We, therefore, recommend that you stick with the "Simple" mode for now :)

The AMPXF consent dialogues will need to be planned a bit more around things to ensure we do it correctly and also e.g. allow your users to set more granular consent.

If the planning/implementation takes longer, it might be that we in the meantime release a version that basically "strips out" this extra non-AMP-compatible code to have valid pages. It would then show the embed after the normal consent dialogue is accepted.
Updated cookie consent to show correctly with XF 2.2.12 where they have changed the cookie option naming.
People on older versions will still work as normal
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Previous release had a bug that made redirect responses be sent to canonical page also.

It is now fixed so that only bad responses (4XX & 5XX) will be redirected to canonical page if AMP page was redirected.

After installing the fix, please go start the AMPBot up again by pressing the "play" button (it shows up when paused)

Due to this problem the AMPBot would pause:
  1. AMPBot requested a URL from sitemap (usually not ending in /
  2. Site/forum redirects request to URL that ends in /
  3. AMPXF addon caught this 301/302 request and instead redirected it to the canonical page (i.e. non-AMP page)
  4. AMPBot recognizes that "This is not an AMP page"
    1. After too many failures => Pauses itself
This problem might also affect the googlebot, but will likely take a few days to show up in search console. If/when that happens, simply validate the fix and it will go away.
  • Pages that are not HTTP 200 and contains ?amp=1 are redirected to the canonical page
  • The broken link checker shouldn't falsely mark index.php? and admin.php as broken links anymore
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